Please note our opening hours at the reception Mon-Sun: 7:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m. Check-in is still possible at any time via our self-check-in counters in the foyer. Please check your e-mails for our check-in instructions.

Our Values

Hyve is a constantly evolving ecosystem and a hotbed for innovation and entrepreneurship. It’s a temporary home for digital nomads, developers, those who already are world changers, as well as anybody seeking to become one.

  • Appreciation

    Hyvers respect one another, address any disagreements and show consideration for different opinions. They invest in other people, developing the growing team.

  • Growth

    Hyvers invest time in developing their own potential. Generous thinking and action create openness and opportunities for the growing community.

  • Trust

    Our passion for our work means that we are responsible and ensure one another’s safety. Honesty and open communication build trust.

  • Participation

    Hyvers act on behalf of the greater whole and have fun as they take initiative in their own individual way. Their helpful behaviour teaches them respect. Hyvers protect the privacy and security of one another.

  • Individual Responsibility

    Hyvers accept and affirm themselves and others. They are independent and bear full responsibility for their decisions. Each person may make any decision in their role, provided they have previously sought advice from at least two people (expert and concerned party).

  • Hospitality

    We greet our guests by name and say goodbye to them like friends. We want the best for one another. Hosts at Hyve create magical experiences, anticipating needs and making them possible.

  • Communication

    Hyver communicate transparently at an early stage. We see conflict as a natural aspect of human interaction and believe that a great deal of creativity and innovation can be borne from conflict.


Hyve offers a breeding ground for innovation and entrepreneurship. This is where start-ups and entrepreneurs meet creative minds and globetrotters.

Joe Imholz


Explores the world

Sarah Bucher

Guest Relations & Administration


Hamed Saed

Teamleader Housekeeping & Maintenance


Adrie Vreeke


President of the Executive Board

Georges Pisana



Günnur Senel



Tenzing Dolkar Pangari



Alesandro Klodel